"Chicago's newest musical offspring - hip young jazz group the Fatum Brothers' Jazz Orchestra is bringing big bands back!" - KPBS San Diego
"It's not hard to find the Fatum Brothers' this summer: they're everywhere." - Chicago Sun Times

"The Fatum Brothers are part of an All-Star Lineup!"
- Downbeat Magazine

"These guys are an amazing story. Really amazing. I have a feeling that you are going to be hearing about the Fatum Brothers' Jazz Orchestra for a long time."
- WGN Chicago

"The entrepreneurial twin brothers are at it again!" - Chicago Tribune
"The Fatum Brothers' Jazz Orchestra performs in a way that inspires curiosity, attentiveness, and participation." - Blue Note Jazz Club

"The Peacetet is a dynamic young New York combo. Sounding anything but pacifist, the young men wear their enthusiasm on their sleeves as they tackle folk tunes, hard bop, gospel and world music." - San Jose Mercury News

"Jazz for the Joy of it! Joyusness is a recurring theme in the Peacetet's language, music, and news coverage. The band's genial spirit enlivens originals, folk material, and versions of Duke Ellington and Charles Mingus compositions."
- South Bend Tribune

On the FBJO: "As far as musical evolutions go, there is nothing small about it!" - Sacramento Bee

"We have had a lot of great big bands here over the years, and these guys are just as good or better than any of them!"
 - Joe Segal (Owner of Chicago's Jazz Showcase for the past 50 years).

"You guys are really inspiring to me. You go out and make things happen. When people ask if big bands are viable, I mention your band as an example of how a big band can thrive. Keep it up!" 
 - Bob Mintzer (Grammy Award Winning Saxophonist, Composer, and Band Leader)

"They bring such energy, enthusiasm, curiosity, and creativity everyday to America's only original art-form. It's a thrill for me to hear that the future of jazz is in great hands, and the evidence of it is here today on this stage." 

- Grammy Nominated Saxophonist Dave Pietro on the FBJO