Who are we?

The Fatum Crittenden Orchestra (formerly Fatum Brothers’ Jazz Orchestra) is not your ordinary jazz big band. No sir, no ma’am, we pride ourselves on what makes us unique. Members of the FBJO have recently graduated from conservatory programs such as the Eastman School of Music, Northwestern University, New York University, the Manhattan School of Music, Juilliard School of Music, University of Michigan, New England Conservatory and more. 

Our youth and enthusiasm is equalled by our professionalism and experience. After over 90 performances in three years, two cross-country tours, our own “Jazz For Young People...By Young People,” curriculum, 2 records of all original music (one of which will be released in May 2012), performances from New York to Los Angeles, sharing the stage with artists such as Grammy Award Winner Bob Mintzer, collaborations with Downbeat Award winning composer Levi Saelua, sold out performances at the Blue Note, Chicago Jazz Festival, San Jose Jazz Festival, groundbreaking new composition from the next generation of leading jazz composers and arrangers, and enough memories to last a lifetime... audiences and critics continue to scream for more and more!

Our music connects with the audience. The FCO performs in a way that inspires curiosity, attentiveness, and participation. Whether it's our own exciting and fresh compositions or a reverent interpretation of the Duke, the sound of the FCO has a beautiful and enticing tone that will cause you to lean in closer and closer into the music.

Where are we all from?

Some of us grew up on the beach in Los Angeles, others in the cornfields of Illinois & Iowa, in the suburbs of San Francisco & Portland, and even within the shadows of the tallest sky-scrapers of Chicago and New York City! Members of the FCO have served on faculty or assisted teaching at the Chicago Jazz Philharmonic, Chicago Jazz Workshop, Stanford Jazz Workshop, BIrch Creek Jazz Camp, and more. Some of us compose, others help organize, and we all love to solo. Over 10 of us have won student Downbeat awards, been selected for the Grammy Band, Next Generation Orchestra, or for the Mehldau Masterclass! We play in rock bands, musicals, orchestras, salsa bands, wedding bands, pop groups, and lead our own trios, quartets, quintets, sextets... you name it! While at each performance there are only 15-16 of us on stage, over 50 musicians have performed with and continue to perform as part of the Fatum Crittenden Orchestra; it is each individual personality, sound, and character that makes this band so vibrant, strong, and addictive!